Carpet Cleaning

Thanks to the experience of qualified staff, we offer a professional manual washing service with natural products, which are essential for the proper conservation of a handmade carpet, often with natural colors. We use traditional techniques that clean in depth and revive the carpet.

Washing is a long and laborious process, which must be performed by experts in the field by hand and running water and not by machinery.
Washing the carpet is an essential and necessary, not only for the proper maintenance of the carpet itself, but also for the hygiene of the people who step on it. We recommend washing the carpet every 3/4 years, because the dust lurks inside the warp and weft, making it dry and less flexible, which in turn might cause splitting. In addition, the washing brightens the wool and revives the colors.

Carpet Repair

We also offer carpet repair service, performed by experts in the field, with consolidated experience and expertise in oriental carpets (some of them are trained in Iran)

The carpet repair is an art that came to existence immediately after the art of carpet weaving, because any carpet may suffer some damage at any time due to different factors.
Thanks to the use of traditional Persian technics and tools, our experts can repair your damaged carpets with excellent visible results, which safeguards and preserves your valuable carpet.